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Class Notes September 7

Class Notes September 7 - The statistics you’re allowed...

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Psychology 103 Class Notes September 7, 2010 Is heartbreak bad for your health? It may cause other factors to take effect into that person’s life. o Start smoking o Bad Behavior o Lack/Increase of eating How to run a science Hypothesis about how world works Prediction about specific situation Run experiment and collect data Analyze results and draw inferences Deductive Logic All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal. But science is inductive Inductive Logic Every jub-jub bird I’ve ever seen is purple. o You can never be 100% sure. In inductive logic and science, you can’t prove your hypotheses. What makes a good theory? Fits know data Predicts new findings Is falsifiable Is simple (“parsimonious”) o Parsimony - The use of the simplest or most frugal route of explanation available.
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Unformatted text preview: The statistics you’re allowed to use depend on your control over the experimental situation 1. INFERENTIAL STATISTICS • Used with experiments, where irrelevant variables are controlled. • Allows you to draw conclusions about causality Independent Variable In Milgram Experiment: Degree of Authority Low Authority: Vs. High Authority: Business Setting Yale (A control conditions) In Milgram Experiment: Two Conditions (Low vs. High Authority) Low Authority High Authority 45% 65% 1. Inferential Statistics 2. Descriptive Statistics (less powerful) • Can summarize data or show relation among variables, but can’t show cause. • Example: Correlation shows relation between two variables....
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Class Notes September 7 - The statistics you’re allowed...

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