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Class Notes September 14

Class Notes September 14 - • Tuskeegee Syphilis...

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Class Notes September 14, 2010 Ethical Issues in Psychological Research San Antonio Contraception Study o Done in 1971 o Free birth control o Half given placebo o Half got pregnant Willow brook hepatitis Study o Housed mentally retard o Given vaccine for Hepatitis o Infected with Hepatitis to see if the vaccine worked o Done in 1956 Jewish Chronic Disease Study o Live cancer cells injected Tea Room Trade Study o 1970s o Stood outside places where gay people met and wrote down license plates numbers o Called house and posed as marketing company (asked personal questions) o Gay and straight men have the same ethics Wichita Jury Study o Trying to find out what factors are the most important in making decisions
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Unformatted text preview: • Tuskeegee Syphilis Experiment o 1932-1971 o Very poor area, mostly African American o Studied natural progression of untreated syphilis o Told the participants they were being treated • Stanford Prison Study o To see what prison life can do to people psychologically o Guards to keep order without violence o Became a guard: Power Hungry Controlled everything Looked for ways to humiliate prisoners o Become a prisoner: Powerless o Supposed to run for 2 weeks Ran for 6 days A prisoner went mentally insane (hives, demanded a lawyer, and tried to escape)...
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Class Notes September 14 - • Tuskeegee Syphilis...

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