Class Notes September 16

Class Notes September 16 - o Amygdala (aggression,...

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September 16, 2010 The Brain Peripheral Nervous System Central Nervous System o Spinal Cord o Brain Neurons o Specialized cells that receive process, and send information to other cells, about 100 billion of them with trillions of connections in the brain. Parts of a neuron – Signals go through at 180 miles per hour o Dendrites – receive info o Soma (body) – process info o Axon – carries signal o Terminal buttons – send info (at synapse) Action Potential o Message from soma to axon: “FIRE!” Or no. This is the “all-or-non” principle. o Combined inputs (excitatory and inhibitory) determine whether it fires. o Electrical signal travels down axon. o Can be very fast. The Most Primitive Brain Centers Brain Stem Region o Medulla – breathing, heartbeat o Reticular Formation – consciousness o Thalamus – sensory relay station o Cerebellum – balance; motor learning and memory
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Limbic System
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Unformatted text preview: o Amygdala (aggression, emotional memory) o Hippocampus (memory formation) The case of H.M. o Hypothalamus (eating, drinking, sex, hibernation) Cerebrum (most of the human brain: Higher cognitive and emotional functions o Frontal lobe planning, thinking, long term memory o Temporal lobe hearing o Parietal love touch o Occipital love vision Visual Agnosia (involves damage to occipital love o Impairment of higher visual processes used to recognize objects Patient can copy a drawing but cannot recognize the object o They still may know a lot about the object, and may be able to recognize by sound or touch Interesting Subtype of Agnosia o Posopagnosia Patient can recognize many objects but cannot differentiate faces. May even affect own face Can still make inferences, based on voice, clothes, ect....
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Class Notes September 16 - o Amygdala (aggression,...

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