Class Notes September 21

Class Notes September 21 - o Neither do identical twins...

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September 21, 2010 The Brain Structure: Symmetric Function: Not symmetric o Left: Language o Right: Can understand simple language but can’t produce it. o Its strengths: perceptual and spatial skills Broca’s Area o Wernicke’s Area o Responsible for word meanings. Left side of brain controls right side of body and vice versa Left side of world is seen by right side of brain and vice versa We generally don’t experience hemispheres as separate, because they’re connected by corpus callosum but it’s sometimes surgically cut to control epilepsy. Does “genetic” mean “predetermines?” o Clones don’t have exact same outcome as donors.
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Unformatted text preview: o Neither do identical twins Risk of schizophrenia Brain activity o Dont be so quick to believe theres a gene for sexual orientation, anxiety, risk-taking, etc. Genes dont cause behavior. The environment influences a genes activity. o Gene (a stretch of DNA) produces a protein, not a behavior/emotion/thought. o Proteins compose neurotransmitters and hormones which produce tendencies for responding to stimuli. So genes dont code for specific behaviors/abilities/thoughts. o They produce predispositions for how an organism interacts with environment....
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Class Notes September 21 - o Neither do identical twins...

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