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Class Notes September 30

Class Notes September 30 - Benefit Don’t have to pay...

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September 30, 2010 Attention and Consciousness What you’re conscious of is generally what’s in your focus of attention Attention is a limited resource to be allocated. o You use it to select what you’ll be conscious of. Selective Attention o Stimulus-driven capture (Traffic Lights) o Goal-directed selection (Looking for a friend, watching TV, listening to the hum in the room) o Benefit: Target object(s) get heightened attention o Cos Attention to everything else is diminished Attention and finding objects in the environment o Pre-attentive processing o Guided search Single-feature search is parallel. Pre-attentive so not constrained by Attentional limits. Attention as a resource to be allocated o To expand limits of attention Practice Leads to automatization (Becomes unconscious)
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Unformatted text preview: Benefit: Don’t have to pay attention as much Disadvantage: Hard to stop Consciousness • One’s current level of awareness of the environment and of one’s own mental processes • Things you’re not conscious of can still affect your behavior o No conscious processes: Not consciously available, or at least not fully o Preconscious processes: Not currently conscious but could easily be o Implicit processing can occur without conscious effort or conscious access to processes. Demonstrated through indirect tests. • Mode of Consciousness o Ornstein’s Distinction Active Mode: Shuts out irrelevant information and focuses on selected information Receptive Mode: Less focused, more passive, doesn’t exclude as much...
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