Class Notes October 26

Class Notes October 26 - o Now can do abstract thought,...

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October 26, 2010 Cognitive Development Sensorimotor Stage (birth – ~2 years) o Understand the world by acting on it. o Object Permanence develops. Preoperational Stage (~2 – ~7 Years) o Egocentrism – lacking ability to take the perspective of another o Lack of Conservation – belief that a change in form implies a change in amount o Semi-Logical Reasoning – primitive attempts to model the world Concrete Operations (~7 – ~11 years) o Competent at conservation, perspective-taking o But mental operations limited to experience Formal Operations (from beginning of adolescence onward)
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Unformatted text preview: o Now can do abstract thought, deductive reasoning • Contemporary Perspectives o Sensorimotor Stage Object permanence – takes root earlier than Piaget thought o Preoperational Stage Egocentrism – doesn’t have to occur Lack of conservation – could have been because of instructions o Idea of stages has been replaced by novice-to-expert development • Cognitive development happens quickly, on a lot of fronts. Lots of ways a preschooler is already more like an adult than like a 1-day-old. •...
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Class Notes October 26 - o Now can do abstract thought,...

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