Class Notes November 2

Class Notes November 2 - o So radical change leads to...

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November 2, 2010 o Very few people reach o Some moral truths are absolute, and there’s a higher moral law that should be obeyed o Some attribute this stage only this stage only to a few religious leaders o Other include certain social leaders Motivation and Emotion o All the processes involved in starting, directing, and maintaining physical and psychological activities Some Basic Types o Biological o Psychological o Social Drive Reduction Theory o Physiological need creates a tension state (a drive) that motivates the organism to satisfy the need Sociobiological Approach o Organisms are motivated to do things that will ensure survival of their genes (like eat and have sex). Opponent-Process Theory o Body attempts to maintain stability
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Unformatted text preview: o So radical change leads to radical opposing reaction o The biological tendency is toward ones own internal stability, not passing on ones genes Achievement Motivation o Need to master difficult challenges, outperform others, be efficient, and meet high standards o They Credit their success to their own abilities rather than luck Curiosity: A psychological motivation o Reward something thats already pleasant Self-Control o Motivation to do whats good for you can require postponing immediate gratification o This involves executive function o If you executive system is overwhelmed, you may choose impulsively Hold a 2 digit or 7 digit numbers in memory, and then choose between fruit salad and cake....
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Class Notes November 2 - o So radical change leads to...

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