Preparation for Test1 F10 - Preparation for Test1 Test1 has...

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Preparation for Test1 Test1 has been placed on Thursday, September 16.Duration = 50min INSTRUCTIONS FOR Test1 1. Don’t be late! Try to be in your hall 5 minutes before the beginning of the exam 2. Don’t forget to bring: pen (bring plenty of pens in case you run out of ink, don’t use red pen for writing ), pencil (use pencil only for graphs, don’t use it for writing ), eraser (or white correction fluid), ruler , calculator! ( you will not be allowed to use mobile phones as a calculator ). This examination is close book . You may use only your own tools . No tools can be shared by students. 3. You may work on any part of the test at any time during the allowed time period of 50 minutes.
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Show all your work. Answers without supporting calculations or explanations receive zero credit! Dissatisfactions, like “I know all this, but forgot to write it” will not be accepted. All answers must be clearly indicated. All work must be done on the pages provided with the exam. No attachments will be accepted. 4. KIMEP exam rules apply. Talking, looking at other students' papers, sharing of anything (information or physical items), using notes or tools is considered as cheating. Any cheating results in zero points on exam and in disciplinary action . Contents of Test1 1. A National Interactive survey for International Traveling Agency asked respondents, “We traveling internationally, do you generally venture out on your own to experience culture, or stick with your tour group and itineraries?” The survey found that 27% of the respondents
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Preparation for Test1 F10 - Preparation for Test1 Test1 has...

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