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Together We Stand During the past couple years since this community has been built we all have came together for community projects such as donations, school fundraisers, and community litter walks With that we have developed a wonderful community with everyone coming together and getting along like the community family that we are. Since the nearby newly built gas company opened I have noticed numerous illnesses that I believe along with other residents of this community that gas company, Haricksons, was the problem of this matter. Five workers of the Haricksons gas company have volunteered to take a health survey and checkup. Four out of five of those workers including their in home families have reported with the same symptoms that
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Unformatted text preview: could be linked to the drilling company. Symptoms include headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, and itchy skin. Some children are also showing symptoms of this illness. I believe the EPA should come and research the problem that we residents think is the water in our community is contaminated by the drilling from our gas company, Haricksons. We feel if they tested the water then they will find that it is contaminated with toxics used in oil and gas production. As a community we should all come together to solve this problem before it becomes an issue. The residents feel that a more earth friendly approach would be better and more efficient to our cost of living and of course or community which comes down to our Earth....
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