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Chapter Three From Rock to Pop in Canada

Chapter Three From Rock to Pop in Canada - Chapter Three...

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Chapter Three From Rock to Pop in Canada, the rise of Chansons Engages, and the Arrival of the Beatles 1958-1964 Often described as a fallow time in the history of rock n roll. By 1958 a number of important rock n roll musicians had died, were seriously injured, were imprisoned, felt compelled to retire for personal reasons, or , as with Elvis Presley, were in military service, this left a gaping void at the centre of the rock and roll universe -Parents became worried that rock and roll was the start of a deplorable and inevitable drift of the young into American mass culture. -Infrastructure for popular music in Canada slowly took shape. Numerous rock n roll variety shows took to the airwave on both the: CBC and beginning in 1961 on the newly founded CTV network. -Radio stations began to play Canadian records, even if they didn’t chart in the US. Many “indie” labels became active in the 1960’s, released some of the country’s first entirely homemade rock n roll records Quality Record Tatan Sparton of Canada Bobby Curtola, a pop singer from Port Arthur(Thunder Bay) became Canada’s fist totally domestic pop stat, breaching the CHUM top 40 19 times between 1960 and 1965, without once making it to the Top 40 in the us. -Meanwhile in the 4 major trends emerged that would prove crucial to the historical development of rock and roll as the decade progressed: New kind of social dance developed, inspired by “the twist” and other dance oriented record, which gave rock n roll its first set of distinctive movements and social customs Boomers began to assume positions of power in music industry The tin pan alley system of production was reinvented to suit these new rock n roll entrepreneurs at the Brill Building in New York City, at Gold Star Studios in LA and at Motown headquarters in Detroit New stylistic possibilities began to emerge from California spearheaded by Brian Wilson and the beach boys, which prefigured the “westward migration” of North American Culture in general. From rock To Pop: Solo Pop Singers in Canada -Bobby Curtola became a massive pop star in Canada without leaving the country (opposed to others who in the past would leave and come back after they’ve become stars somewhere else) Started in a highschool band called Bobby and the Bobcats Left on his own to record ‘Hand in hnad with you’ for Tartan Records Basil and Dyer Hurdson (tartans owners) wrote all of Billy’s songs Billy was 18 at the time of his major breakthrough Before Bobby there was Paul Anka but he left south instead of staying in Canada like Bobby.
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-Some other Canadian pop singer s who dominated the pop charts in Canada during the 1960 are : Jack Scott,Les Ericson, Les Vogut, Terry Black
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