Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 – rock in the 2000s o Rock changed...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 – rock in the 2000s o Rock changed in the 2000s when the cover of the Rolling Stones featured the Backstreetboys o Napster and the Ipod caused record stores like tower records and Sam the record man o Music was changing back from the album oriented to singles oriented genre o Boy bands and girl singers were HUGE on the charts o Celine dion returned from a brief hiatus and featured a new song “a new day has come” which was co-written with a UWO graduate Stephan Moccio – which topped the charts for 21 weeks breaking the record of Phil Collins in 99 for his song “youll be in my heart” o Nelly furtado – Vancouver native- topped the charts with her 2 singles ‘ turn off the lights’ and ‘im like a bird’ o Nickel backs post grunge style sound - ‘how you remind me’ became # 1 in Canada o Some say the internet destroyed music o But the internet has rejuventated the genres margins, pushing rock into a transitional phase from whch it has yet to emerge o Album sells have dropped 30% by 2003 The meaning of ‘world’ o World music: international, ethnic music. Usually at the back of music stores (cuz they are shit) o Music like irish folksongs, german polka, African music o Generally for immigrants that are hungry for a taste of home, or cross cultural music scholars o The Tokens big hit ‘the lion sleeps tonight’ (1961). Was a cover of the weavers ‘wimoweh’ (1952) o The Weavers actually covered this song from a 1939 south African group called the Solomon linda and the evening birds o Music from the 3 rd world countries was stolen, often without proper credit or payment. Also they were unable to get their music across the globe like the Western World could. o This reflects a global imbalance between the western world and the rest of the world (“the west and the rest”) o “world fusion” or “world beat” projects such as Paul Simons albums ‘graceland’ and ‘the rhythm of the saints’ and the annual WOMAD (would music and dance) festival created by Peter Gabriel in 1982 all helped to redress the imbalance of power o These western artist such as Simon and Gabriel and others became a new kind of rocker. One whose talents have the ability to discover interesting musics from around the world and introduce it to the western rock world. o The 80s and 90s we began to see tons of international artists. Some made it onto the American pop charts. o An Nigerian band called the African beats came out with an album called “JuJu music” in 82. Their music blended urban African dance music with electric guitars, church hymes, and afro carribean rhythms. They sold over 100,000 copies and hit 111 on billboards in the US. Their next album “synchro system” hit 91....
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 – rock in the 2000s o Rock changed...

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