Quiz01-sec - EE380 Communication Systems Spring 2011-2012...

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EE380 – Communication Systems Section 1 – SET 1 Spring 2011-2012 Quiz Number 1 – Solutions Closed Book; Closed Notes Time Given=10 minutes (Feb 7, 2012) “I certify that I have neither received nor given unpermitted aid on this examination and that I have reported all such incidents observed by me in which unpermitted aid is given.” Signature Name Student ID Problem 1: Given: An analog music signal extends from 0 to 16kHz. The signal needs to be Sampled and Quantized for transmission as a binary digital signal. The sampling should not lose any precision. The quantization should be done with 1024 levels. The transmission should be done using as minimum data rate as possible. Compute fnal answers in each question below. (a) [1pts] What is the sampling rate you would choose? Specify units as well. Solution: 32K samples/sec or 32 KHz. (b) [1pts] What is the rate at which you will transmit the signal (in bits/sec)? Solution: 32 K × log 2 1024 = 320 Kb/s (c) [2pts] The binary digital signal from above parts is passed through a channel of bandwidth 160KHz. What is the theoretical minimum SNR (in dB) that must be maintained to allow this communication? [Hints: Shannon’s formula and log
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Quiz01-sec - EE380 Communication Systems Spring 2011-2012...

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