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Andrew Churey - Written Assignment 4 - Andrew Churey Buad...

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Andrew Churey Buad 219 Written Assignment 4 CLOSING CASE: Doing the dirty work Case Summary Much of the focus on jobs in the United States has been on the shift toward service-sector and professional jobs, which are primarily safe and clean and take place in pleasant environments. However, the number of workers in “dirty” jobs remains high, including those who clean restrooms, handle toxic waste, sort materials for recycling, and wash dishes. Chicken processors work with dead chickens clipped to a steel cable, circulating around the factory, while each worker strips the carcass. Workers at the front of the line have to battle the live birds while being scratched and pecked. The work is distasteful and the pace is rapid—an average of ninety chickens per minute for nine hours. Workers can’t leave the line without permission but the noise is so high that requests for a break often cannot be heard. Workers often cut themselves with the sharp instruments they use to hack the chickens, in part because the workspace is so crowded. Feathers, blood, and feces contribute to the unsavory environment, and the industry is one of the worst for cumulative trauma injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Case Questions 1. How relevant are the concepts of competencies to the jobs in a chicken-processing plant? Concept of Competencies can be described as the ability to perform a particular task by meeting specified qualifications with implicit knowledge of standards and structures required in the workforce. The ability to carry out the task requires that an individual/employee acquire
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Andrew Churey - Written Assignment 4 - Andrew Churey Buad...

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