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SOCIETY AND THE INDIVIDUAL January 9 – February 4, 2012 HIS 215 Salem International University Instructor: Larry Zbach, Ph.D. Contact Information: For private inquiries or concerns, you can reach me at my e-mail address: . For everything else, go to the Messages in the course menu (if it directed only to me) or use Ask the Instructor (if it is important for everyone in the class to see). Do not use your personal e-mail to communicate with me. REQUIRED TEXTS: Ball, Terence, and Dagger, Richard, editors. Ideals and Ideologies: A Reader . Eighth Edition. New York: Pearson Education, Inc., 2011. (Referred to as IAI throughout the schedule.) COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course explores the relationship between the individual and society. Political and social philosophy, ancient and modern thinking, and international perspectives will be utilized to understand the role of freedom, liberty, justice, and human rights in democratic and non- democratic societies. (3 credits) COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To understand the relationship between society and the individual from different philosophical viewpoints. Classical and contemporary political and social theory will be examined to elucidate this relationship (NCSS 1.5); 2. To understand different forms of government (NCSS 1.5, 1.6 & 1.10); 3. To examine personal and social responsibility, rights, justice, equality, and liberty (NCSS 1.10); 4. To elucidate the role of authority and authoritarianism in political theory and practice (NCSS 1.6);
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5. And most importantly to help flesh out your own views on how to define responsibility or citizenship to friends, neighbors, society, as well as the global COMPETENCIES: After completing this course, you should be able to: understand some of the most important works of social and political philosophy in the Western tradition evaluate Western political and social philosophies from a variety of feminist and multicultural perspectives appreciate how classical political and social philosophies shape contemporary historical and social contexts comprehend the significance of political and economic rights for today’s societies be more efficacious in thinking critically about contemporary political and social issues gain some sense of your own political and social philosophy The Praxis Series Tests: By law, West Virginia issued teaching licenses require passing scores on Praxis series tests specific to each specialization. Information specific to West Virginia testing requirements can be found at . All candidates will be responsible for achieving a passing score on Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST), Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching, and Praxis II: Content prior to admission to the Internship Instructional Strategies Instructional strategies that will be incorporated into this course include: preparation of an electronic portfolio using LiveText, lecture, cooperative learning (group discussions), written
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Society and the Individual-1-12-online - SOCIETY AND THE...

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