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Study Guide Society and the Individual HSS215 Larry Zbach, Ph.D. What is a political ideology? Know the types of government outlined by Plato and Aristotle (from lecture). Be familiar with John Locke’s philosophy of toleration, divisions of government, and his notion of private property and rights. How has John Locke’s thought influenced the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution? What is liberalism? What are the two competing camps of liberalism (laissez faire and welfare liberalism)? What are the four types of conservatism (Burkean conservatism, modern conservatism,
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Unformatted text preview: neoconservatism, and right wing or authoritarian Christianity). • What is Marx’s materialist conception of history? • How is Marx’s theory a conflict theory? • Why have anarchists, and Mikhail Bakunin in particular, objected to Marx’s theory and to Marxism? • What are the basic principles of fascism? • What is a liberation ideology? • What is Martin Luther King’s conception of civil disobedience? How does Malcolm X differ from King? • What is Al Qaeda’s critique of America and its allies?...
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