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The article tells about what are neoconservatives, and the differences among neoconservative, American conservative and democracy, and its significant meaning for the United State. Neoconservative is not a “movement” but a “persuasion”. It’s a product of history evolution and arose in 1970s’ America. To better govern modern democracy, it converts traditional conservative, against personal wills, and support the whole state interest. It’s more helpful to American public policies and economic growth. But it pursues everyone prospered equally and simultaneously. It’s not realistic and will cause class struggle. Neoconservative emphasis on “the man versus state”; it’s a threat to welfare state. Neoconservative is popular in modern America also because it well deals with the relations including education, church, vote, religion and state. When media pay attention to neoconservative, they found its attitudes come from
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Unformatted text preview: historic experience. They can be summarized about four points: patriotism, world government, statesmen and national interest. As a large nation, in addition to have a defensive mode, the United States should have ideological interests. The fact is after many wars, the United State become a military superior country. While wars cost much, economy grows at the same time. Neoconservative as a “persuasion”, it anticipates America to be a more powerful state. Every political theory or movement emerges from historical development. It might be welcomed or resisted. A state compounds many complicated elements, only the theory or movement well handle those elements, united interest of every issue, it can be survived. General speaking, the neoconservative conform to the trend of history, it promotes steady public policies and economic growth, so neocons are comfortable in modern America....
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