Chapter 14 - Organizational Structure (Chapter 14)...

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Organizational Structure (Chapter 14) Organizational Structure: how job tasks are formally divided, grouped and coordinated There are two basic dimensions to the division of labour: o vertical: apportioning authority for planning and decision making (chain of command, span of control) Ex.) President, vice-president, middle managers, supervisors, workers o horizontal: groups the basic tasks that must be performed into jobs and then into departments Ex.) Making goods, selling goods, handling finances, dealing with HR Departmentalization: The basis on which jobs are grouped together Core aspect of the horizontal division of labour Types: - functional: marketing, finance, human resources etc. .. (people can develop expertise in specific areas) - product - geographic: Canada, USA, Central America etc. .. - process - customer: education, leisure, business solutions etc. .. Matrix Departmentalization:
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Chapter 14 - Organizational Structure (Chapter 14)...

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