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Management Information Systems (MIS) Fall 2011 (Sep. 5 – Dec. 8) Professor Nour El Kadri Office DMS 5144 Telephone 613-240-3181 E-Mail Office Hours By appointment Class Location A: DMS 1150, B: DMS1110, C: DMS1130 Class Hours C: Tuesday, 19:00 - 22:00 Teaching Assistans A: Tanita Tahmina B: Srikanth Dutt C: Asmita Sharma Course Website Doc-Depot Prerequisite(s) CSI1306 or ITI1120 Program of study B Com mandatory course Course Deliverable Due Date Weight on Final Grade Take-home Case Study (Team work) Oct. 18 10 % Take-home Case Study (Team work) Nov. 22 10 % 1 of 10
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In-Class Activities (Team + Individual) In class (see weekly schedule) 20 % Midterm Exam TBA, Around week 7. 20 % Final Exam TBA (Final Exam period) 40 % 1. Course Description Information Systems and Technology have changed the way today’s organizations perform business. With firms extensively relying on electronic interactions, information systems play a significant role in all levels of managements and functional areas of the business. Knowledge of Management Information Systems (MIS) is essential for creating competitive firms, managing global corporations, adding business value, and providing useful products and services to customers. This course focuses on understanding the information systems, its underlying technology, as well as its impacts on organizations. You will learn the relationship between information systems, the organization, and its people; how information systems enable businesses to gain competitive advantage; and how to anticipate the role of emerging technologies on business processes. The course also covers the applications of information systems in an organization and its decision making process. Ethical and legal aspects of the information systems, as well as its security and quality will also be discussed in this course. Although fundamental computer technology will be highlighted, and you will develop new skills in the use of technology, this is not a computer science course. Rather, the emphasis is on the applications of information systems in management. The lectures, class discussions, readings, cases, videos, and student presentations will provide you with the MIS concepts you need as a business student. A small portion of this class is dedicated to skills. Business students are expected to have a basic level of business application skills. These skills are required both in your remaining business courses, as well as in the workplace. To assure that you have these needed skills, you are required to complete lab assignments. 2. Course Learning Objectives
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Syllabus-2372-Fall2011 - Management Information Systems...

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