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Compare and contrast the political systems of capitalism, socialism, fascism, and anarchism. Do not just give “ opinions” off the top of your head. Do your research before answering. The textbook has many essays on these political systems. This discussion begins on January 9 and ends January 16. Example1 Between capitalism, socialism, anarchism, and fascism there are many differences and many similarities. Each of them were owned by different types of people whether it was the government or private parties. Capitalism is different from socialism because capitalism is an economic system that is ruled by the government. Socialism is a system where the goods are owned by the state or public. But instead of socialism being ruled by the government they are ruled by the community. Although socialism is ruled by the community instead of the government
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Unformatted text preview: the fascism are more like capitalism but instead of the fascist being granted by the government they have always been denied by the government because of the elites. Which brings us into anarchism, anarchism is a system which tried to destroy the government. Each are different in there own way whether it were trying to destroy, not having, or having a government. However capitalism, som, anarchism, and fascism also have many similarities. Capitalism and som both require a strong government and they both act is if they are something they are not. Som and anarchism are also alike because they both have communal ownership of the means of production and they both are against economical hierarchies. As for anarchism im not very positive on how they are alike I see more differences then anything....
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