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According to the article Toleration and Government, Locke has his view that no one has the liberty to destroy oneself or others. We have rights, but we can’t impose ourselves on others. His notion of private property is the foundation of capitalism. All things, all property is given to “mankind in common. In contrast, men own their own person, abilities, capabilities, and labor, unless he contracts his labor out to an employer. Locke argued that everyone had a right to life, liberty, and property. No government has a right to rule without the consent of the people. Locke argued for the separation of church and state. Lastly the state also has a duty for toleration. The state does not know the surest way to heaven any better than any citizen. The government has no business making laws which impose its own judgments on anybody. Now I want to talk about some my opinions about toleration and government. When I see the word toleration and government, my first response is about Chinese
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Unformatted text preview: government. Not only I come from China and I’m Chinese but also the example happened around me and it had a strong influence to my mind. Now the economic has a rapid growth in China. So they have to build lots of subways and high ways. A high way was under construction and it cross many residential houses. Unfortunately, the government force demolitions and evictions the houses. But a house owner burned himself in front of the governors, urban-management officers, and forklifts. This true video shocks everyone’s heart. We have no choice we have no right to vote, no right to speak, even if you can speak but no one would listen to you. From the article and my experience, I can feel deeply that everyone has a right to life and property. Even now, the people in many countries and districts such as China are still suffering unfair and oppression. But the article doesn’t tell those people how....
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