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Term Project - service. We can offer our experience and our...

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Vision and Mission Statement Our goal is to facilitate the sale of top quality premium real estate properties. We strive to negotiate the best price for our clients and the best value for buyers. Our vision is to establish our company as a major brand in the New York City high end real estate market. And the process we will provide the best service for all parties involved. Company Overview Luxury Properties is a small partnership. We are a real estate agency which provides brokerage services. Our company is newly formed and chartered in the state of New York.
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Products/Service Plan Our business provides real estate services. Specifically our focus is on high end real estate. The market in which we are located is very large and there is high demand for our
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Unformatted text preview: service. We can offer our experience and our vast resources to our customers: luxury real estate owners. Our competitive edge lies in the use of research to gain information that will give us the ability to seek out customers. We have many tools in use that will draw from a large pool of clients. We have a presence throughout the region and we also reach customers from long distances (different regions/countries). We take a serious approach to legal matters and we have built a legal team that we can consult. Our business is protected by trademarks. We are well informed on legal procedures in the real estate industry....
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Term Project - service. We can offer our experience and our...

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