2-12-07 Chapter 7

2-12-07 Chapter 7 - * Signs include pain in chest, rapid...

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Sheet1 Page 1 02/12/07 Chapter 7- Cardiovascular Disease, Cholesterol: fatty deposits that line the inner walls of the ateries. Atherosclerosis: the progressive narrowing of the blood vessels. When blood flow stops, CPR is only 1/3 as effective. Early use of an AED and early advanced medical care are key. 1) Early recognition 2) Early CPR 3) early Defibrillation 4) Early advanced medical care * Signs of a heart attack occur 1-2 hours before the attack.
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Unformatted text preview: * Signs include pain in chest, rapid heart rate, heavy breathing, and women are nausous with back and jaw pain. Onset, * Victim should sit down and relax to alow for easier breathing. * Loosen tight clothing. * monitor the victim carefully and be prepared to give CPR / AED. Nitroglycerin: A medication that temporarily widens the arteries....
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