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study guide for final - Analyze the role of each of the...

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American Foreign Policy HIS305 Study Guide November 22, 2010 Study the basic definitions of each of the six logics (hegemonism, realism, isolationism, liberalism, liberal internationalism, and radical anti-imperialism) briefly given in the Preface. Know the basic foreign policy strategy for each of the six logics. Analyze the role of U.S. national interests in each of the six logics. Interpret U.S. power in each of the six logics. What is the perspective on morality in each of the six logics?
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Unformatted text preview: Analyze the role of each of the logics in U.S. diplomatic history. • From chapter eight, compare the logics using eight dimensions. • What are the major ideas or themes in Why We Fight ? • Be able to describe the events that led up to Bush’s War (Part One) and the events after the war started (Part Two). Go to pbs.org, if you did not see the films. • For online students, be familiar with any of the films listed above or one of the films listed in the fourth discussion forum....
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