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It is an article written by Kim Fellner about his pondering the Starbucks Paradox. This article talks about the Starbucks paradox from different perspectives. First of all, it illustrates the view from headquarters. At Starbucks, more than 34 percent of the top officers are women. The author is shocked seeing diversity by age, sex, race, sexual orientation, family status throughout the organization. And the article also gives a good example of Tawana Green, who is an African American doing pretty good in Starbucks. However, there is a frustrating instance about an employee at Clintas which supply products to Starbucks. She got lower starting rate compare to other colleagues. And WTO protesters accuse Starbucks of buying coffee at prices that won’t sustain farmers’ livelihoods! The author’s response to the concerns raised above encompasses Starbucks’ record on race, class, politics, human rights and the environment; as well as employees’
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Unformatted text preview: working conditions and benefits. On my opinion, this article comprehensively describes the race, class and gender issues in Starbucks. Women comprise barely 13 percent of Fortune 500 general counsel and women of color merely 1.6 percent of all corporate officer positions. The numbers show everything. The female’s position advanced a lot but it still has a long way to go. And the Starbucks does well on this. I learn from the article that Starbucks appears improved on trade, good on race, and a model on health care for part-times. I think big corporation such as Starbucks should always tried to balance profitability with benevolence. The negative example occurs because of that they focus profitability more than benevolence. We speak constantly of the social responsibility of business....
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