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Week One 09-10-11 CHEN HECHENG Oppression ” was written by Marilyn Frye and it is a normal style written essay. The point of this article is the word “oppression” is often misused and misunderstood. I feel that the oppression exists everywhere in our daily life. Many people are facing the oppression as a specific barrier. It comes because we are all involved in a birdcage. You can only know that by stepping back and looking at the whole problem. A wire doesn’t make the birdcage but the system arrange that already. It reminds me a very famous and philosophical sentence: Marriage is like a siege, the people outside of the city want to go in, in the same time, and the men inside the city want to get out. This sentence only talks about that the marriage is like a siege, and the author also talk about this in oppression
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Unformatted text preview: view in the article. Now I understand that not only marriage is like a siege, but everything is like a siege. All of us are all in the city, we can’t go out. From the author’s profound analysis, I understand that is a systemic issue. I do like this article and I agree with the opinions in this article. I think that the author’s opinion on this article was very relevant in the 1970s. But even now, in our society, I do believe that women are being oppressed. And they are being oppressed with more new oppression. And men are being oppressed as much as women. There is still the racial and social oppression that could be claimed, but being oppressed not just being a woman. Overall, we can't afford to dismiss anyone's oppression; each person is important, and each person wants their particular difficulties recognized....
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