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The author states in this article that there’re a lot prejudices when people using the words and phrases in English language. The “A Short Play on ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Words pointed out the obvious wrong that people using English language. Although the comparisons of white and black words are obvious they may not be realized by the general public. I am reminded of a quote: “the only thing a fish cannot see is the water it swims in. The paper also talks about that the English language is peppered with racial stereotypes and slurs. The paper states that in English language, many words and phrases illustrate the word black as "bad" and the word white as "good". The articles discuss how words are used to dehumanize certain ethnic group by making these groups seem subhuman. I agree with the viewpoints that the author talks about in this article. I realize that
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Unformatted text preview: words are probably the most potent weapon to exist in modern society. Words such as “nigger” have been widely used by my African American friends although it is incorrect to use these words. But I can still hear these incorrect words everywhere. On my opinion, language is one of the most important components of any society and allows individuals to communicate with one another. The author clearly illustrate that what the problem is. I am thinking that how to solve such incorrect circumstance around us. First of all, we should realize the existing of the racism in English language. Then the writers will not use any those words and phrases in their articles any more. Therefore, the general public will not use the words in daily life when they realize the bad results using those words....
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