week two - injustice they go through. I definitely agree...

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WEEK TWO 09-17-11 CHEN HECHENG “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” talks about that the various privileges every white person gets without even realizing it. Basically the author shows that racism is a part of everyday life even though we more often than not ignore it. White people are not the same as other races. The lists of Daily effects of White privilege that the author describe are very good examples to tell the differences. The author talks about the problems as one of the “privileged”. According to this article, I think it may help that the author is a white woman talking about this issue simply because she is viewing the problems as one of the “privileged”. I would have felt the same reaction regardless of who wrote this. I think it helps to how the author isn’t just ranting about the struggles and
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Unformatted text preview: injustice they go through. I definitely agree with the points in this article. There are so many things that minorities will never have the same opportunity because we are not white. Our society still has a longer way to go. But now it’s getting better and better. On my opinion, it doesn’t matter how much I do, how hard I work, how much money I have, and what person I marry. I will never have white privileges. Why white students are more than other races students in Ivy League? Why whites are more than other races in high-level government conferences? Why white poor people are less than other races poor people in United States? Why the 44 th president is the first African American president of United States?...
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