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Crystal Clark Unit 4 DB ITCO 103 Library LAN 1. What expansion of network services and benefits might the library achieve? This will allow all three libraries to transmit information to each other quickly. This will enable information such as book catalogs and availability of books and other media to be updated in real time. This will be a convenience to the patrons if they are looking for specific material and it is not available at one location they can look in the system to see if it is in the other library’s inventory. This can also allow media to be viewed and downloaded from another library. 2. What LAN protocol and related transmission speed are most appropriate for the local libraries: Ethernet, fast Ethernet, or gigabit Ethernet? The gigabit Ethernet would be the optimal choice because it will allow the data to transfer through the network much faster at a speed of 1 Gigabit per second.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What topology is most appropriate for the LANs and the WAN? What are their merits? The topology that I would use would be the star topology and make the hub be the main library. I would also include a partial mesh so that if the hub malfunctions the network will still be transferred. The star network is also easy for a system administrator to troubleshoot. 4. Explain the elements of the backbone. The backbone is made up of cable that the data uses to travel throughout the network. 5. What transmission medium is required for the LAN, UTP, or fiber? If it is UTP, what grade? What transmission media and devices are required to create a WAN? Traditionally UTP was the transmission medium but the latest transmission medium is fiber. Transmission media and devices to create a WAN would be twisted cable, hubs, switches, and routers. References
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