In-Class Assignment - Dhavakumar patel (100426154)

In-Class Assignment - Dhavakumar patel (100426154) -...

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Unformatted text preview: In-class activity: Shortest Path Spanning Tree In the following network, find the shortest paths from R2 to every other network: From R2 Destination Network R1 LAN R3 LAN R4 LAN R5 LAN Shortest Path R2 R1 R2 R5 R4 R3 R2 R5 R4 R2 R5 Cost 20+2=22 10+10+10+2= 32 10+10+2=22 10+2=12 ...
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This note was uploaded on 03/11/2012 for the course LSDHFA 234 taught by Professor Sdaf during the Spring '12 term at UOIT.

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