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University of Ontario Institute of Technology Faculty of Business and Information Technology INFR 1010U Discrete Mathematics Midterm Exam by M. Vargas Martin October 21, 2009, 14:10 – 17:00h, Room UB2080 Name: ____________________________________ Student number: ______________ Please read the following instructions carefully: 1. This exam consists of 20 questions in a total of 16 pages (including this page). You must answer all questions. Please make sure that you have all the pages. 2. This is a closed book exam.   Only non-electronic writing utensils are allowed in the exam. 3. Print your name and student ID on this exam page. 4. You must sign on the attendance sheet when you hand in your exam. Be prepared to show your student ID. 5. Communication with other people is not allowed during the exam. You may only commu- nicate with the instructor or the teaching assistants. 6. You are not allowed to detach the pages of the exam. Academic Integrity is a central value of this university. Please read and sign the following statement: I am the sole author of all the work and solutions for this exam, as submitted in my name in this paper, and I have followed the instructions stated in this page. ______________________ Student’s signature Answer the questions in the space provided. Use the back of the page only if necessary. Show all your work. Each question is worth 5%. 1. Determine whether the following compound propositions are true or false:
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INFR1010-Midterm-Sols - University of Ontario Institute of...

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