Assignment#4-100426154 (dhavalkumar patel)

Assignment#4-100426154 (dhavalkumar patel) - Dhavalkumar...

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Dhavalkumar Patel 100426154 Assignment #4 Discrete Mathematics Solve the following exercises from the textbook. Each question is worth 25%. Submit a single (non-zipped) file with your typed answers via WebCT's submission system. No other mean of submission (e.g., email, printouts, etc.) is accepted. Acceptable formats include Word, pdf, and postscript (scanned or tablet handwritings are not acceptable). This is an individual assignment. Any two assignments found to be similar will receive 0 marks. If you submit the wrong file by mistake, you can still replace it with the correct one as long as you do it before the deadline. 5.1 The Basics of Counting (page 346): Exercise 40 5.2 The Pigeonhole Principle (page 354): Exercise 30 5.3 Permutations and Combinations (page 362): Exercise 30 6.1 An Introduction to Discrete Probability (page 399): Exercise 14
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In how many ways can a photographer at a wedding arrange 6 people in a row from a group of 10 people, where the bride and the groom are among these 10 people, if (a) The bride must be in the picture? SOLUTION: From the question we know that the bride must be in the picture , so ( ), one place has to reserved for bride out of 6 one is reserved that . means we are left with 5 places So we can use combination to solve . this problem So we need to choose 5 people from 9 people since we are not counting . the bride ( , ) = C 9 5 = = = 126 , ( , ) Since the order does not matter in this question we calculate p 6 6 ( , ) = ! = * * * * * = P 6 6
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Assignment#4-100426154 (dhavalkumar patel) - Dhavalkumar...

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