GingiB BUS610 WK 3 Motivational Problem

GingiB BUS610 WK 3 Motivational Problem - MOTIVATIONAL...

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MOTIVATIONAL PROBLEM 1 Motivational Problem Gingi Brown Bus 610 Instructor Courts April 4, 2011
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MOTIVATIONAL PROBLEM 2 Motivational Problem in the Workplace Motivation is a hard thing to instill in people. Motivation is psychological processes that arouse and direct goal-directed behavior (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009, p. 144). Throughout our daily lives, individuals have the choice whether to be motivated or not. This paper will discuss a motivational problem at work and using theories to describe motivation issues and solutions for said motivation/behavioral change. Motivation is the single driving force for an individual to want to work. I think that people do not necessarily want to come to work; they just want that paycheck to do and get what they want or need. Thus resulting in the employee only doing the minimal job requirement to just get by on their scheduled shift. The thing with motivation is as long as one person is motivated to do something they can help to motivate others to help them in their cause. One of the biggest problems at my job is that employees are told what their job requirements are and they decide that they do not have to do those specific requirements during their shift at work. It is not as if the employee does not have the ability to do the job requirements, they just choose not to. This can be for several reasons the first being they do not want to work they just are there for the income. Another is that they are placed in a job that they are not best suited for and maybe an alternate job location would suit them better. Even after conducting an overall frontend staff meeting to go over the job requirements
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GingiB BUS610 WK 3 Motivational Problem - MOTIVATIONAL...

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