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WK 2 D2 Appreciating Individual Differences

WK 2 D2 Appreciating Individual Differences - WK 2 D2...

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WK 2 D2 Appreciating Individual Differences Discuss two of the following statements. a. Distinguish between self-esteem and self-efficacy and how is someone you know with self- efficacy, relative to a specified task, “programming themselves for failure”? What could be done to help that individual develop high self-efficacy? b. Explain the social learning model of self-management and compare and contrast high and low self- monitoring individuals and describe the resulting behaviors each may have. c. Explain the difference between an internal and external locus of control and what importance do you attach to self-talk in self management? d. Explain the concepts of emotional contagion and emotional labor and identify the four key components of emotional intelligence. e. Identify and describe the Big Five personality dimensions, specify which one is correlated most strongly with job performance, and describe the proactive personality.
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