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Wk2 D1 Leadership Potential

Wk2 D1 Leadership Potential - Wk 2 D1 Leadership Potential...

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Wk 2 D1 Leadership Potential Discuss the common measures, and best practices, in measuring leadership success. Propose one additional theory that you would utilize to evaluate the success, or competence, of a leader. Respond to two of your classmates’ postings. My post: According to our text it states to "assessing leadership potential is fundamentally concerned with predicting who will or will not be an effective leader before they have been placed into a position (Hughes, 2009 pg.95). There are times where you need to just watch your employees to see who rises above and beyond their normal daily functions and are willing to help out wherever they need to. This is one example of a person that has leadership potential. More times than not these people need little or no feedback on how they are doing because they ask questions and are willing to learn new things at their jobs. Feedback is a vital thing especially in this situation because you do not want to lose a good employee by not telling them positive feedback.
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