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Wk 2 D2 Leadership Values Discuss the role of values, ethics, and morals in leadership. Research for a specific example of a true leader (someone who “does the right thing”). Use known examples of behaviors exhibiting high values, ethics and morals. Respond to two of your classmates’ postings My post: The leadership team of the company needs to set an example of morals and ethics to their employees. There are many times that growing up an individual has learned a different set of values or ethics. This may cause some conflict and may not match the company’s idea ethical behavior especially if the employee is in a leadership role. This individual background is a product their environment prior to coming to their current place of employment. There are times when a company needs to train and assist an employee to help that employee grow and be a success. It is vital that the company hires individuals that exemplify ethical behavior, morals and has good values. These individuals then can make sure that they set the standard for themselves and their
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