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Wk3 D2 Leadership Relations

Wk3 D2 Leadership Relations - Wk 3 Overview Readings Read...

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Wk 3 Overview Readings: Read Chapters 7-8 in your text. Discussions Leadership Relations A critical component of leaders' success is their ability to develop effective relationships with their superiors, their co-workers, and their subordinates. Propose and discuss at least three strategies leaders should adopt to enhance their relationships with superiors, co-workers and subordinates. Respond to two of your classmates' postings. My post: I was reading another book on leadership and I found this that I felt really hit home with this assignment. How many Leaders are there only for themselves and do not see the greater picture? “Leading at higher level just focusing on goal accomplishment is not enough. The key phrase in our new definition is "the greater good "- what is best for all involved. The capacity to influence others by unleashing their individual power and potential to impact the greater good leadership should not be done purely for personal gain or goal accomplishment it should have a much higher purpose than that.
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