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Wk 1 D2 Application in the Workplace Note the application of theories to the workplace. Select one of the following scenarios to discuss. Then , provide an example of your own. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings. Well pay versus sick pay: Most employees take all their sick days. Are organizations reinforcing the wrong behavior? Some companies pay employees a certain amount per sick day not taken. Some have lotteries for prizes and the entries are those employees with perfect attendance. Employee discipline: How far should managers go in the use of punishment? What conditions, if any, do you think justify the use of punishment? Have you ever worked for a boss that used punishment? What was your response? Training: How valuable is training to the learning process? Modeling behaviors? Rewards for new skill development? My post: Training is extremely valuable in the learning process. The training encompasses the learning process and who can absorb the tasks. It will also explain how motivation influences job behavior and performances. Everything from skills, limits, environment, behavior, directly influences each other.
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