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Wk 2 D2 Organizations as Systems Discussion Assignment 2 Discuss your own organization as a system. How does information flow — does one department hold back in order not to give away an advantage? Is attention focused more on one type of input when another type of input could provide more leverage? How do groups within the organization view themselves? My post The information flowing from one department to the next is sometimes lacking in my current organization. Communication is extremely important in any organization. Working in retail, there are certain guidelines that are to be followed especially since we deal with certain liability issues. Target embraces empowering the employee to use more than just a one-way approach to any given situation, it can also mean that there can be a breakdown in communication between departments. For example, at Target when returning something at a store it is important that you take into account what the customers experience. They may not have their receipt but we have other ways of making the return
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