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Gingib OMM625 Wk4 A1 Knowledge Management

Gingib OMM625 Wk4 A1 Knowledge Management - Running head...

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Running head: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 1 Knowledge Management Gingi Brown OMM625 Learning Organizations & Effectiveness Instructor Pace September 19, 2011 .
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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2 ) Knowledge Management How successful can an organization be if they have no management? What success will an organization have if they have no knowledge? This paper will give credence to the need for knowledge alongside management to create a successful organization. Knowledge management has come a long way in the forms of technology and dissemination of information. To begin, one needs to have a basic understanding of knowledge management. Knowledge management involves people, process, and technology in overlapping parts. This helps in building a competitive advantage for today’s firm (Kumar, et al, 2006, pg. 171). In our text, Garvin states knowledge experience is easy and retained and transferred (2000, pg. 97). This is important to knowledge management and the ways that organizations may handle how information is disseminated. Each individual company goes through learning
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