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Wk2 D1 Social Change Readings Read the following chapters in Exploring Social Change : a. Chapter 4: American Social Trends b. Chapter 5: Change in the Settings of Everyday Life: Populations, Families, and Work c. Chapter 6: Economics, Politics, and the American Prospect Locate an article that you feel addresses one of the three ways that we can think about social change that the author has identified on pages 66-67. Discuss why you chose the article and which of the three social change areas it addresses. Remember to provide an APA citation of the article. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings. My post: According to our text the third perspective on social change focuses on change in the population and social institution (Harper, 2011, pg. 66). I am focusing on how technology directly affects social change and the interaction between individuals in communication methods. The article I choose talks about how we are now more technologically advanced with
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