GingiB OMM612 WK 3 A1 Getting Involved

GingiB OMM612 WK 3 A1 Getting Involved - GETTING INVOLVED 1...

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GETTING INVOLVED 1 Getting Involved Gingi Brown OMM 612 Instructor Kuffel June 13, 2011
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GETTING INVOLVED 2 Getting Involved The kinds of people that tend to become involved in movements, as contributors, elders, or sympathizers come from all backgrounds. They each have individual reasons for being a part of the movement. A person who decides to become a volunteer goes in knowing that they will be doing well for those around them. Professionals have guidelines that they must adhere to in their positions and with their cases to make sure that, the individual(s) are receiving all the benefits and services they can get. The next is that the professionals train and oversee the volunteers coming into the respective agencies. Not only are there guidelines for the professionals but also the volunteers to service their clients but also guidelines for how they are to do this. The volunteer may just want to take care of what the client needs are. Sometimes this can go past the regulations allowed as a volunteer and the social worker needs to have that line drawn so that the individuals will not take advantage of the volunteer’s good will. There are times where a client may get past this and still achieve a volunteers help that goes beyond what is correct. I believe that anyone working in agencies that assist individuals should be supervised. There are too many things these days to worry about and as bad, as this might sound it will give
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GingiB OMM612 WK 3 A1 Getting Involved - GETTING INVOLVED 1...

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