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Wk3 D2 Success and Failure ADDED

Wk3 D2 Success and Failure ADDED - Week 3 Read the...

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Week 3 Read the following chapters in Exploring Social Change : a. Chapter 7: Social Movements b. Chapter 8: American Reform Movements and Social Change c. Chapter 9: Revolutions Success and Failure Think about the causes of success and failure for particular movements. What causes some to become widely appealing and have major impacts on change? What causes others (regardless of the validity of their concerns) to simply wither away in the dustbin of history? Can you think of some that have evolved into stable organizations without much impact on social change? Can you identify others that have become stable enterprises of sorts, constantly selling T-shirts and other emblems without doing much? Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings. The work incentive program (WIN, 1967) that provided opportunities for able-bodied adults to acquire vocational skills, work experience, and to retain a higher percentage of their earnings, if they found a job (Dolgoff, 98).
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