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Wk 4 D1 Creativity Readings Read the following chapters in Exploring Social Change : a. Chapter 10: Technology, Innovation, and Networks b. Chapter 11: Creating Change c. Chapter 12: The Emerging Global System: Development and Globalization Creativity Locate an article that addresses the idea of creativity in organizations and how creativity can have a positive impact on an organization"s effectiveness. Summarize, then critique the article. Respond to at My post: The article I choose was Enterprise Digital Arts Help Defense Electronics Organizations Foster Creativity . In this article talks about the need of “participating in the digital arts even by those who are “non-artists” builds critical thinking skills and strengthens one’s ability to identify and solve problems (Iacchia).” These same skills are sought out to build our military workforce. I think that this article moves creativity on a new level to aid organizations to future success in any endeavor.
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Unformatted text preview: The article highlights the individual aspect of achievement by given new challenges to help them succeed in the workforce. I agree that this approach can be thought of in any type of organization and become a success in any endeavor you choose. Creativity allows any individual to think out of the box for any project and broaden possibilities and the potential to the organizations involved. References Harper, C.L. & Leicht, K.L. (2011). Exploring social change: America and the world (5 th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Iacchia, F. (2008, October). Enterprise Digital Arts Help Defense Electronics Organizations Foster Creativity. Military & Aerospace Electronics, 19(10), 21. Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry. (Document ID: 1596677971)....
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