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WK5 D1 Environmental Problem

WK5 D1 Environmental Problem - Week 5 Readings Read the...

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Week 5 Readings Read the following chapters and Epilogue in Exploring Social Change : a. Chapter 13: Society, Environment, and Change b. Chapter 14: World Futures c. Epilogue: Living in a Rapidly Changing World Environmental Problem Locate an article that describes a current environmental problem. Discuss why you selected the article and why you feel it is an environmental problem worthy of further discussion and research. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings. My Post How would you use your water? My post is based on the situation in developing countries and how water is handled in their location. In Amman Jordan, one day a week the water comes into the tanks in individual buildings and their individuals can put their tanks on the roof. That is all the water you get for the week. If you run out then you do not flush until the next fill up. I have a very close friend who lives in Amman and she was explaining this to me when researching for this assignment. Water conservation is a big deal in developing countries and supplies are limited.
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