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Final - Personality Development Stage Theories(138 – 139...

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Final: All assigned readings 80% question from material covered from Oct 24 – Dec. 5 Guest Speakers and DVD’s Empower you to make change (humming bird). About stereotypes, older people not productive, showing older people are engaged. Self study Chapters on Family Life and Social Supports (5 questions) Leisure, Recreation and Service Housing and Transportation Responsive for All assigned readings as noted in the course outline with a few exceptions noted below. Sections you can skip Use of Technology (Part of Chapter 12) pp. 276-279
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Unformatted text preview: Personality Development, Stage Theories (138 – 139) Chapter on Historical change (41 – 57) Types of Research methods (29-35) Models of support (p.304) *Do ask question that are testing common sense *section on Death and Dying (about ethical issues) ** *Ethnicity: more class notes (In textbook, section on same sex marriages, some ethnicity stats) *Retirement section Exam mark posted on AVENUE by Dec. 20 th Final Assign Dec. 12 th...
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  • Same-sex marriage, older people, Self study Chapters, Final Assign Dec., 276-279 Personality Development

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