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Jonathan Franco ACCT 311 HW #2 1. Notes receivable, due in 2 years – d (intangible asset) 2. Accounts receivable – a (asset) 3. Accumulated depreciation -- -c (contra account to PPE) 4. Land, in use – c (PPE) 5. Note payable, due in 10 months – f (Current liability) 6. Common Stock – h (Paid-in-capital) 7. Note receivable, due in 6 months – a (asset)
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Cash equivalents e (other assets) 9. Investment in ABC Corp., long-term b (Investments) 10. Dividends paid I (Retained earnings) 11. Goodwill d (Intangible asset) 12. Mortgage payable, due in 5 years g (Long-term liability)...
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