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Economically: Southeast Asians have large per capita number living under the poverty line. 36% have less than a high school degree. 47% of mong ~20% live below the poverty line. MM just give us exposure at the cost of false homogeneity. Larger concentration in small area bloats the stereotype and gets carried away by the pop media. Bw 1990 and 2000, the prison pop grew by 250%. And non-citizens are deported. Some even deported when they are here legally. 1998-2006 large rise in deportation. Increase “precaution” since 9/11 Bw phil mom and daughter rose the idea of feminity (MM), as a form of expression of cultural superiority in face of oppression. Philipinas were racialized due to large military presence in the
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Unformatted text preview: Narrative formed in response to dual front stereotype of hypersexuality -> MM femininity. (Philipino culture is chaste) Began pitting Asian vs American, so no longer an Asian American as if Americans are homogeneous so that Asians and Americans are disjoint groups Also problematic that the enforcement of chastity is a sign of moral superiority Similar in humble tone , not threatening Nuclear cohesive family structure Pg416 – questions double standard in ethnic judgement when gender is applied (or why women are always to be blamed), but never challenges it? MMF reaffirms the virgin-whore dichotomy...
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