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Model Minority: 3 spectors that haunted the cold war minorities: Red Menace White Menace – homosexuality Black Menace – civil right + mingling The constitution of the model minority stereotype formed under the forces of the above “3 specters”. MM is a racialization (invented) and is an orientalist stereotype. Homogenizes the Asian americans as all the same in everything that they are different from the white americans. (Similarly different). Racist-love: subjectively “good” stereotypes, or acceptable. Racism is a dichotomous stereotype. (Charley Chan vs the asexual evil miscreant looking to take over the world) The racist love stereotype is unthreatening to ‘white hegemony’. Model minority emerged out of the white/black/red menace to clearly define who to exclude. Model minority stereotype presents us as assimilable, vs the others. After WW2, reconstruction focused on Japanese, which gave us economic gains. China on the
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Unformatted text preview: other hand is lumped into the red scare category, which is seen as an encroachment on US economic hegemony established during WW2 as spread of communism directly decreases US power. Began attributing industriousness to eastern philosophy, which lumps all AA in the same category Implicated the other groups (blacks, latinos, gays) as the diametric opposites. MM shifted the justification of discrimination from that of an institutional/structural marginalization to one where those discriminated against are held responsible because of a ‘culture of poverty’. Becomes an ‘ethnic’ issue so that the discrimination is no longer ‘arbitrarily’ determined by biological factors… AfA blamed for violence, unemployment, and depletement of public welfare funds, disregarding the fact that they are heavily disenfranchised. Welfare: History of distrust, so numbers may be fudged Denies racial heteroneity...
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