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check_hw1p2 - xs = sym(x'f if nargin< 2 Default number of...

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% relerr = check_hw1p2(x,d) % % Compare cos(x^2)-cos(x) computed with MATLAB's variable precision % package in d digits worth of precision to the value computed by hw1p2, % and return the relative error. If d is not provided, use the default % precision (see the "digits" command). function [relerr, abserr] = check_hw1p2(x,d) % Convert the floating point value of x into % an exactly equivalent symbolic representation
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Unformatted text preview: xs = sym(x,'f'); if nargin < 2 % Default number of digits for var prec fv = vpa( cos(xs^2)-cos(xs) ); else % Specify number of digits fv = vpa( cos(xs^2)-cos(xs), d ); end fv = double(fv); % Compute with our routine f = hw1p2(x); % Compute the relative error and return relerr = abs( (fv-f)/fv ); abserr = abs((fv-f));...
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