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function f = hw1p2(x) % Computes cos(x^2)-cos(x) accurately for x in [0,1] % this taylor approximation of order 10 is accurate for x < 0.5 if x < 0.5 f = x^2/2-(13*x^4)/24+x^6/720+(1679*x^8)/40320+x^10/3628800- (665281*x^12)/479001600+x^14/87178291200+(518918399*x^16)/20922789888000+x^18/64
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Unformatted text preview: 02373705728000-(670442572801*x^20)/2432902008176640000; else % trig identity f = 2*sin(x*(1-x)/2)*sin((x^2+x)/2); end end...
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